Quality Geographic Information Systems Education and Training

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Providing quality and modern GIS education through a very accessible E-Learning Platform providing Tutorials and Webinars

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Organize training classes, workshops and seminars on several applications for Desktop GIS, Enterprise/Web GIS and Web Mapping.

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We colloborate and develop with you

Working with our participants and partners in the Industry to build capacity in the knowledge of modern GIS applications.

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Quality. Affordable. Practical. Conducive Learning environment. Unique curricula. Call Nse 08069579330 or Email

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Desktop GIS

ArcGIS Pro. ArcMap 10x. QGIS Desktop. uDig. FME workbench. OpenJUMP.

Enterprise/Web GIS

ArcGIS Enterprise. ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Portal. QGIS Server. QGIS Cloud. PostGIS/PostgreSQL Carto. Geoserver. MapServer. GIS Cloud and many other Web GIS Solutions

Web Cartography

Mapbox Studio. TileMill. Cartogram. Leaflet. CartoCSS. MapTiler

Web Mapping and Applications

Leaflet API. Google Maps API. OpenLayers. Mapbox API. ArcGIS for Developers. Carto Engine. Web App Builder.

Location & Data Analytics

ChartJs. RStudio. Leaflet and R. Esri Operations Dashboard. Tableau. Plotly. CanvasJs. Carto Builder. Microsoft BI. D3

About mapsnigeriainitiative

A GIS education and training initiative that promotes the teaching of modern GIS while putting quality and affordability first. Our initiative welcomes participants and offer them free access to up-to-date educative materials on Desktop GIS, Enterprise/Web GIS, Web Cartography and Web Mapping Applications. We are poised to set a trend of training people in highly specialized skills that will impact positively on the Nigerian GIS landscape now and in future.

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240 Participants Nationwide
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